Country Sports

When it is about country sports like shooting, Eminence boasts of having a lifetime of experience. Whatever be the place you are willing to visit and create some memorable shooting experience, feel free to approach us and we will offer you a wide range of exclusive shooting services specially designed for our elite clients. We offer high quality shooting throughout England, Scotland, Europe, and beyond.

Whether you are wanting to arrange a corporate day shooting or would just like to spend two days of Grouse shooting on the Scottish highlands, we can cater to all your individual needs. We work closely with organisers of nearby shooters so that pre-arranging your shooting requirement becomes easy. Our complete focus is on offering each and every client approaching us for shooting a tailored service with dedicated gun room and exceptional hospitality.

Our Training Sessions

Have a love for shooting but doesn’t know much about the country sports? With Eminence by your side, there’s simply nothing to worry about. You can book a one-to-one training session with our Instructors. An initial assessment will be held to determine your weak areas before moving on with the training program. All our trainers have years of experience with single and double guns, so they can assist you if you are an experienced shooter or guide you if you don’t possess the required experience. They have adequate knowledge in finding the right game shoot for you.

Our Luxury Polo Services

Are you willing to try your hand at polo? Simply opt for our exclusive polo vacation packages! Including polo in your daily fitness regime during your holidays is indeed a wise thing to do. Your existing ability in the sport won’t really matter or prevent you from enjoying the sport as our experienced technicians will shoulder the burden of providing you the required training in the true Argentinean way.

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